A year with Aristotle Education will see students complete the required amount of schoolwork well in advance, with a focus on mastering applications of theory for problem-solving and exam skills. There is an emphasis on working with students to set and achieve goals.

Term 1

The tutor will work with the student to establish some year-long goals to work toward. Throughout the first term, there will be an emphasis on building effective study habits and practical skills, as well as covering coursework synchronously with the school. Additionally, time will be spent discussing exam preparation skills before the student’s first assessment. In summary, the first term will see students actively engage in learning and begin to employ effective study habits.

Term 2

The second term with Aristotle Education will focus on moving through schoolwork. On average, this leads to students being over 4 weeks ahead of their class schedule. This makes it easier for students to consolidate their knowledge in class, as they have already seen the content and have developed their skills to a high level. The students’ assessment results from this term will serve as a comparison to the term 1 results, enabling a first comparison of their growth and development.

Term 3

The third term with Aristotle Education will continue the focus on progressing through schoolwork. On average, students completing their third term with Aristotle Education will have completed the entire school year’s worth of work. This gives students an advantage, as they can consolidate knowledge from different topics throughout their time in school. The compounding effect of being ahead increases their confidence and often enhances their engagement with mathematics in school.

Term 4

The final term of the year with Aristotle Education will see students engaging in intensive revision of the year’s content. There is a focus on exam preparation, with multiple practice exams taken before the final school exam. The results of the final exam will showcase the student’s improvement across the year with the guidance provided by Aristotle Education. Following the completion of the exam, students will begin looking at work for the next year to maintain their confidence in their abilities and their advantage in the classroom.